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Dino v15.2.10 is coming!

Dino v15.2.10 is coming!
Photo by Lukas Blazek / Unsplash

Bye Bye Angular15!
The v15.2.10 will be the last one version using Angular15!

[FEATURE] It is now possible to generate, for each formschema, an automatic report that automatically parses some questionnaire field types (Single choices, multiple choices, numbers, ranges, etc etc)
[FEATURE] It is now possible to export the formdata as docx
[POWERBI] The first version of the powerbi connector is now available
[LOOKERSTUDIO] Implementation of graphql endpoint, quick import of formschema by name, increased number max of imported RS to 50
[IMPROVEMENT] Date field selectable only with calendar widget.
[IMPROVEMENTS] Improved interaction with state change on mobile and changed reference icon
[IMPROVEMENTS] Public link share button visible only to whom can create formdata for that specific formschema
[BUGFIX] Fixed display of hidden fields from visibility (relevance) options.
[BUGFIX] Improved display of charts in pdf/docx printout.
[BUGFIX] Removed Cartesian plane for pie and doughnut display.
[BUGFIX] Fixed a display problem in the formbuilder in the presence of validation functions
[BUGFIX] Fixed error in export with data analysis format option.
[BUGFIX] It is now possible to select fields in the report data table, from the column selector.
[BUGFIX] Fixed field count in data analysis format export.
[BUGFIX] Fixed the metric name lookup from the advanced filter.

Rumors...from the future! Maps are coming! 🗺️