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16.0.1 "Biondino" version

16.0.1 "Biondino" version
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Welcome Maps!

[FEATURE] It is now possible to display maps for each form schema that uses the location metric where the coordinate field is filled in, in the following format 45.4722338,9.1891714
[FEATURE] It is now possible to enable for specific form schemas the quick edit function for boolean fields by entering the variable in the environment (ex. booleanQuickEdit: ['form_schema_name'])
[IMPROVEMENT] The visualization of autoreports has been improved and the chart colors have been updated, picking up the colors from chartjs 4. It is necessary to reimport reportschema or regenerate autoreports to display the new color palette
[IMPROVEMENT] It is now available in formdata list the updated_at field.
[IMPROVEMENT] In the report, downloading pdf the date range and report metrics are now available
[IMPROVEMENT] In the dino version information, the version counter is now also available, useful in case of multiple releases on the same release.(worker sw_version)
[FIXED] Fixed the ability to export reports to pdf/xlsx/docx task#4176
[ANGULAR] Version 16 is landed!
[AJF] Version 16.0.3 updated

Give it a try!