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Dino(AI) version 15.2.9 released

Dino(AI) version 15.2.9 released
Photo by Google DeepMind / Unsplash

[FEATURE] OPENAI API can be used to index documents (procedures' manual, best practices, etc) and create a private chatbot inside the DinoAPP.

[FEATURE] Introduced the ability to authenticate via AzureAD and Google Workspace. The feature can be activated from the enviroment.
[FEATURE] Relationships have been introduced within advanced filters.
[FEATURE] Data entered from a public form are set to the state with lowest status level, if any
[FEATURE] Submitted form message for public forms is now present.
[FEATURE] Filtering for select fields has been introduced.
[XLSReport] An align tag has been introduced for html widgets.
[LOOKERSTUDIO] Lookerstudio connector has been updated. It's now possible to use directly graphql endpoints.
[BUGFIX] Added the possibility to activate, via "column customization "all metrics fields in the metrics list
[BUGFIX] Fixed the label metric_name that was not present in the metrics list and that prevented the translation of the single word (Case instead of Case name)

...working on POWER BI Connector, migration to Angular16 and more!