Why use DINO

  • It’s user friendly
  • It's customisable
  • It's intuitive
  • Can generate standard and customized reports

More than a data collection system

DINO is a web-based platform for data collection and reporting. Based on its predecessor DEWCO, DINO extends its functionality based on a more modern and functional technology.

DINO is a software that users can easily learn; forms can be created using a graphical form builder or imported in XLSForm; forms can contain simple fields or complex objects like tables and dynamic fields from other forms; permissions can be granted on a per-form basis; several level of permissions can be created in order to manage complex data collection flows; DINO also offers the possibility of working offline and synchronizing when connection is available.

Collecting data in a simple and effective way is the foundation of any activity in the field of sustainable development. Whether it is to improve understanding of phenomena or to measure the impact of one's actions, the ability to collect and manage data is at the heart of social work. Gnucoop has created a data collection software, DINO. The software, in its original version, was used to collect health data in UNHCR refugee camps. Today, the software has evolved and is used by different organizations in different contexts.

Dino is the result of over 6 years of development, deployment and testing in many diverse contexts of application. With its almost 400.000 lines of code, Dino is the application to collect and analyse data, measure project indicators, manage complex processes or monitor the organisation's Theory of Change.

Purpose of this platform

The purpose of DINO is helping the user the reach the project objectives:

  • Creating a solid database containing project and activities information on different topics
  • Monitoring the result based Indicators
  • Communicate the results to donors and partners


On/offline Data Collection

When online, collected data is transmitted instantly . Otherwise, the data is transmitted when connectivity is restored

PWA - Progressive Web APP

Dino App is automagically available as Web, Mobile and Desktop Application as a Progressive Web App.

Easy Digitization

Digitize your questionnaires for collecting data on mobile devices using XLSForms or a Form Builder Interface

Longitudinal Data

Linked forms and two-way syncing help you configure forms for longitudinal data collection with initial and follow-up visits.

Validation Constraints

Set constraints such as range-checks and unique fields to ensure only quality data is entered in your database.

Skip Logic

Configure skip logic to guide data entry and ensure that only relevant questions are posed to the respondent.

Tracking changes

made to collected data. Each change that is made on a completed form is tracked by showing, date, time, user who made the change, and type of change.

using advanced filters. An advanced filter allows filtering the list of filled forms by some specific parameters or by values of filled fields.

Anonymous completion of public forms

For each form, it is possible to define whether or not it is a public form. They can then also be submitted to those who do not have authenticated access to the platform.

KoboToolbox compatibility

Data collected through KoboToolbox can be easily imported in DINO or using the same xlsform developed with KoboToolbox

Reports and dashboards

Both reports and dashboards can be created by the user through a simple mechanism based on a new format called XLSReport.

Real Time Analysis

Analyze and review your data in real-time with frequency distributions, summary statistics, dashboards and geo-maps.

Data Analysis (BI) plug-in

Once the data has been entered into the platform, it will be possible to extract it with a module that will interface with the main data analysis tools.

API Integration

Forward data collected to third-party applications like DHIS2 and Tableau using a webhook push API.


Your data is automatically secured on both the mobile and web applications using industry standard security.

User management, roles and permissions.

Each user is authorized to use different features. Users can also come organized into "groups" of users. Each user can belong to different groups.

App and email notifications

At certain actions that occur on the platform, notifications may be triggered within the platform or sent via email to inform recipients that an event has occurred on the platform.

Multilingual interface

The software natively allows the entire user interface to be translated into an arbitrary number of languages. This extends to menus and system messages as well as labels specifically created for each implementation.

Advanced Color Theme

Each user can easily customize colors for his own platform!