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New v15.2.7 has been launched!

New v15.2.7 has been launched!
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What's new

Happy Gnu Year, Dino's lovers!

Here's below the Changelog of the new version:

[FEATURE] It is possible to import an xlsform and its translations directly from Dino.
[FEATURE] It's now possible to extract reports in docx format
[FEATURE] The search filter in aggregation remains even after the creation of a formdata
[FEATURE] Metric auto-selection is now available during formdata creation. The function requires mandatory metrics
[DEBUG] It is now possible to debug errors using sentry. Debugging could be enable for specific instances, using environment.
[BUGFIX] Forced logout again when importing invalid formdata. However, the functionality should be limited to rare cases, given that new controls have been inserted during the import process
[BUGFIX] It has been fixed incorrect behavior in readonly of the choice origin created by a repeating slide
[BUGFIX] The error importing data for formschemas that only have data within repeating slides has been corrected
[BUGFIX] Fixed the display error of the constraint message in the different modes
[BUGFIX] Standardized the display of multiple choices: the labels will always be displayed

[AJF] New Ajf version15.3.8