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v15.0.1 Released

[FEAT] Migration to Angular 15, both for Dino and AJF
[FEAT] Upgrade to RXDB 13
[FEAT] The pouchdb adapter has been dropped and replaced with DEXIE. The speed of loading lists and tables, the counting of items in lists, should be greatly improved
[FEAT] PWA is now available. Dino is installable on Desktop(usable totally offline) and Mobile.
[FEAT] In addition to the new graphics introduced by the Material 15 version, the table views have been modified and cleaned up. The column header is now sticky and the order and,likewise the enabled column selector is linked to the formschema (thanks @Gala)
[FEAT] It is now possible to create a formdata directly from the Aggregation section by selecting the formschema. (Based on permissions)
[FEAT] It is possible to define in the environment, which metrics can be created directly at formdata creation. allowMetricCreation?: boolean; has been replaced by allowMetricCreationFor?: ('area' | 'case' | 'location' | 'organization' | 'project' | 'all')[];
[FEAT] If Save Draft is enabled, you can see in the formdata list if the formdata is invalid. Also useful when formdata are automatically created by some actions.
[FEAT] In publishing/debugging the Dino Google Data Studio connector.
[OPTIM] In AJF version 15.0.1 /13.2.15, tests of part of XLSReport functions were revised and created (under update), improving stability and performance
[FIX] The very annoying bug about deleting objects via BULK action taiga#1766 has been fixed
[FIX] Burnut translations taiga#1779
[FIX] Login error taiga#1762
[FIX] PICO report: Waiting for deployment on prod taiga#1758, taiga#1771, taiga#1799
[FIX] Backendless working again at URL demo.dinoapp.io.
[FIX] Icons (login, header and spinner) for light and dark theme have been fixed
...and tons of other minor fixes...