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v13.4.2 Released

bye bye Angular 13 version

  • Notifications have been added. Now, solely through actions and custom functions, it is possible to send notifications, which can be viewed in the top right bell
  • Save draft has been introduced, if enabled in the enviroment. So it is now possible to save the draft of the form, bypassing any validations. Useful in case the form to be filled out is particularly long.
  • Duplicate formdata functionality has been introduced, if enabled in the enviroment. The new functionality is viewable in the quick actions on the formdata (along with EDIT, DELETE, VIEW, PRINT).
  • Improved DinoAPP behaviors in non-live mode that improve sync under low quality connectivity conditions and fixed a bug in non-live sync that did not allow all new form sync from other devices to be received correctly
  • Updated URLs to instances in environments for a change to the NHOST infrastructure (https://github.com/nhost/nhost/discussions/1319)