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In April 2016, Gnucoop was granted the commission to redesign the existing Twine application to make it more suitable to current and future needs, overcoming the limitations of the original application. Gnucoop has provided support to all the Countries, where the app has been piloted, in the training of the medical staff.

It has been involved in the training, installation and tablets allocation in the refugee camps

The new  re-designed Twine application, called iRHIS (Integrated Refugee Health Information System, https://his.unhcr.org/home ) allows collecting data and compiling entry forms via mobile phone; visualizing data, analysing and generating reports at different levels, analysing public health, wash and nutrition indicators, navigating through a dashboard and repository section at multiple geographical level:  from refugee camps worldwide to country offices up to regional and HQ level. The type of information concerns healthcare, water and sanitation, nutrition, and food security sectors, where the Health Information System (HIS) functionalities entail the biggest component. Data collection is done using digital forms and mobile app. The mobile app is a hybrid mobile app thanks to the use of Angular. The platform is also available in French, with the possibility to integrate other languages including local languages.