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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

At the end of 2022, generative artificial intelligence algorithms, particularly chatgpt version 3, had an unprecedented impact in the world of technology.
For the first time since artificial intelligence has existed (1970s), it is possible to really think about widespread and widespread use of these systems in everyday life.
The world of ETS and cooperation may also be involved in what promises to be a real revolution, although at the moment the reception from the industry has been lukewarm.
In the development of these technologies that are rapidly changing global scenarios of technological (and other) development, a number of ethical, practical and opportunity questions arise.

The world of ETS and cooperation must begin to question itself, position itself and, to the extent possible, participate in this debate, lest it find itself dramatically excluded from a change that looms as the greatest socio-economic revolution since the advent of the Internet.SU

Using AI on your own data collected and integrates GPT into Dino it's the our challange for the near future!

Stay tuned! News very soon!