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Case management

Monitor all aspects of your project. Create as many questionnaires as you need. Collect data online and offline. Analyze the results achieved!
Case management

Manage relationships

We support the management of the relationships with your beneficiaries, and their involvement in your activities.


  • Case Management
  • Beneficiary management
  • Follow-up

It is important that an organization knows how to manage the relationships that are created with its beneficiaries. In order to make the most of this relationship, so that the products and services are always better suited to the needs of the people for whom they are designed, and to be able to account for the activities carried out. With our tools it is possible to easily create a personalized registry for each beneficiary and then associate specific sheets for each activity or group of activities repeated over time. This model fits a very wide variety of application domains, from school attendance records, to medical follow-up, to access to anti-poverty services.