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DinoAPP v15.2.4 Coco Banana Released


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[FEATURE] It is now possible to create a choice origin from the metrics
[FEATURE] It is now possible to export all report widgets to a single xlsx (one sheet for each widget)
[FEATURE] It is now possible to import and export additional attributes of metrics.
[FEATURE] It is possible to customize in the environment the ? for accessing the own documentation.
[FEATURE] Check in the import.To be valid the file mustcontain at least one dino field and contain at least one formschema field,
[FEATURE] It is now possible to set a field readonly from the formbuilder
[FEATURE] The description of fields has been added to Lookerstudio.
[FEATURE] It is now possible to insert a signature field inside a questionnaire. From the formbuilder using the signature field, from xlsform as per the format specification
[FEATURE] It is now possible to setup formschema to have formdata with Unique Metrics Sets.
[BUGFIX] It is now possible to display range fields within PDFs created by the print PDF function of formdata
[BUGFIX] Header of tables has been corrected.
[BUGFIX] Relationship management window has been enlarged to improve readability
[BUGFIX] Fixed a bug in the formbuilder on choice origin
[BUGFIX] Restored the favorite report
[BUGFIX] Fixed the ability to use metrics as parent of itself.
[GPT] New feedback system, GPT also interprets previous questions asked in the session.
[GPT] Inserted privacy policy for chat usage.
[AJF] Released v15.3.4

ENJOY! :-)