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v15.2.1 Released


what's new

[FEATURE] It is active from this release to report a new release released. It will appear next to the dino logo.
[FEATURE] It is now possible to use the required message in formconv/xlsform [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue on advanced filters and date fields that reside in a repeating slide
[BUGFIX] Fixed the display of dates in different formats. Now the date is consistent with the language used, in each section of Dino
[XLSREPORT] New INDICATOR widget is usable, to display indicator name and value and possible trend
[FEATURE] The interface for entering public forms has been improved. It is now also possible to compile by setting the necessary metric in the url
[BUGFIX] Release information is now visible in the mobile version.
[BUGFIX] Changing the metric name updates the parent_name value of any child metrics
[BUGFIX] Fixed some issues on the formbuilder, which did not allow its use. The Monaco package for the formula editor has been removed.
[AJF] Updated to version 15.2.5.