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v15.1.0 Released

[FEAT] Added the possibility of the LOG function. Changes to fields can be monitored for each formdata. The functionality is enabled on demand for each instance. The variable in the environment is logsModule, inside optionalModulesConfig. It is disabled by default. Best to enable it only in contexts where connectivity is good.
[FEAT] It is now possible to access and view uploaded files (images and files) in the formdata table. An icon for images and an icon for the other file type will be displayed. The column will need to be enabled as usual via Custom Tables. For images it will be possible to preview them in hover. For the other file types, the file opening will be defined according to the browser used.
[XLSReport] Added some functions on dates (add days / diff between dates).
[BUGFIX] Fixed header/menu display issues on IOS devices with < 12" screens.
[BUGFIX] Updated the actions for the WWGVC pipeline.
[BUGFIX] Updated Looker studio connector for handling range and calculated fields.
[BUGFIX] Fixed AJF version 15 issue on long labels of multiple choices
[AJF] Version 15.1.5