Frequent Asked Question

Q1. Is it possible to have a personalized mobile app?

Of course it is! Just let us know what kind of personalization you need and we will send you a quotation right away!

Q2. Is it possible to use DINO to manage more than one project?

DINO was designed from the beginning with this goal in mind. It is possible to manage within the same platform more than one project and more than one programmes, or classes of projects. You don’t have to manually move data around in order to create custom dashboards, with DINO everything can be done from within the same platform.

Q3. How much DINO cost?

Dino Demo is free! You can try it at this URL. This is a full software with local storage. If you are looking for something different, more customised, with real time syncronization, multiple user Just let us know , we will be happy to help!

Q4. Is it possible to develop ad-hoc new functionalities?

Yes it is! DINO is already highly customizable by the end-user, but with a little bit of coding there is practically no limit to what you can achieve, from workflow and process management, to data analysis. Let us know what you would like DINO to do for you and we will show you how to do that or, in the worst case, we will do it for you!

Q5. Do you provide support on the usage of DINO?

Community support is already in place! Take a look at Community page or direct subscribe at our DinoAPP Discord! Otherwise if you need special assistance for specific purposes please get in touch with us.

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