Dino Demo

Few simple steps to start with Dino:

  • Download the json file below, that implements a data collection scenario for MUAC visits and a very simple report. Of course you can extend to your needs. Feel free to use our Dino guidelines to know more.
  • Open the demo
  • Click on top right corner on "Admin User"
  • Click on "Backup and Restore" and just after on "Restore data"
  • Select the file (dino_db_export_v15.2.3.json) that you downloaded before
  • Enjoy the demo

Dino Demo (just the demo) is a web backendless app.
All the stuffs that you upload and create on it are just on your PC's storage!
If you wanna delete it, clear the website storage on your browser.

Do you wanna know more about DinoAPP? Feel free to contact us